Cute and Fun, But Have an Open Mind

By ghs10gaudga
Written October 24, 2016
Before you see this movie, know two things. First, that it is BASED on a book, it is by no means a direct translation. If you're just going to complain the whole time about how different the movie is from the book, save your money. Accept that the producers are going to change a lot of things and the author has zero control over any of them. Secondly, that it is made for CHILDREN. Kids aged 8-14 are the target audience so the screenplay is written in a simple, childish way so don't expect any complicated plot lines, deep character development or super high quality special effects. As long as you understand those two things, it is a cute, entertaining movie if you're looking to kill a couple hours. It has plenty of cool action sequences that aren't bloody or violent and lots of witty banter that both kids and adults can appreciate. There's a few emotional moments but nothing too heavy. The ending even hinted at another sequel!
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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

By rustygirl
Written February 14, 2016
Loved it. Saw it in 3D so effects were even more exciting. If one liked the first in this series, then this one will be enjoyed also. Loved that they left opening for another sequel. Adults can find things to relate to and kids will love all the action. So yes this movie is good for ALL AGES.
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By zaqveen
Written October 21, 2016
The one liners were ongoing and hilarious! The problem is that Percy was much younger in the books. While I understand that in order to keep Logan and the other main actors in place, some adjustments had to be made. I, as an older reader, enjoyed it. However, faithful younger readers may be somewhat disappointed in this and subsequent films. Those who have not read the books, should not assume that the films are for younger audiences.
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Good movie

By MrJRJordan
Written October 21, 2016
The movie was good and continues on with the storyline but leave it open to go into the next book. Lots of action but the first one was better.
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A light hearted romp of 'urban fantasy'.

By arthurh3535
Written August 08, 2013
While its not strictly following the books, it engages and entertains for the younger crowd. Lots of fun points and some heartwarming moments, along with enough changes from the books that you keep wondering what is going to happen next.
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