This is a Must See Movie!!

By sartark
Written August 08, 2013
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was Fantastic and the Soundtrack, including "I Feel Alive" by Tiff Randol was beautiful. Thor Freudenthal did a great job directing the movie and I loved all the special effects. My favorites were the Seahorse and the Sea of Monsters scene. I love Greek Mythology and anything that gets young people interested is something to be supported. Thanks Fox for another fun movie!
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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

By rustygirl
Written August 18, 2013
Loved it. Saw it in 3D so effects were even more exciting. If one liked the first in this series, then this one will be enjoyed also. Loved that they left opening for another sequel. Adults can find things to relate to and kids will love all the action. So yes this movie is good for ALL AGES.
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A light hearted romp of 'urban fantasy'.

By arthurh3535
Written August 08, 2013
While its not strictly following the books, it engages and entertains for the younger crowd. Lots of fun points and some heartwarming moments, along with enough changes from the books that you keep wondering what is going to happen next.
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me and my boys really enjoyed it!

By 3boysmomma
Written August 12, 2013
took my 13, 10 and 7 year old boys to see this...they ALL read the books and had seen the first one. it was a MUCH bigger hit than the first with them...kept to the story a lot more (only one big deviation that we could recall)...and was fast-paced and funny with amazing graphics! it's very "fictional" as far as all the greek mythology that the books are based on...lots of wild creatures and things like that...but that would be expected for fans of the books. not really 7 year old sees lots of PG/PG-13 movies being a 3rd child, and he didn't bat an eye during this one...but there are a few "stressful" scenes (i'd describe them as that more than scary) if you have a young one who gets anxious. overall, a dramatic improvement from the first...and a good, fun summer movie!!
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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

By Amanda21ad1817
Written August 07, 2013
Warning Spoilers: My brothers and I went to the midnight premiere. The last midnight premiere was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 so I was expecting huge lines and huge crowds. There were maybe 20 people in all by the time the movie started. It was pretty empty. Although I couldn't make myself read past the first book (the idea that the main character is only 12 bothers me), I thought the movie was great. The scene where Zeus's daughter is killed by a cyclops is amazing. You can watch her last thoughts past through her eyes. The graphics throughout the whole movie were great. My only problem is that Kronos is defeated too easily by Percy. Kronos is a titan after all.
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