Good Pastime for Kids

By pedsarq
Written August 31, 2016
This is the kind of money that is fun to watch from scene to scene because the actors are pleasant to look at and not doing anything offensive. They are, afterall, trying to save the world from the bad guys. In this case, it's no less than Kronos, father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, who is about to be awakened by a spiteful teen villain. Had enough? Well, this is what you can expect from beginning to end. There are some ocean adventure scenes, but mostly it's just more of the same sort of Percy Jackson adventure we've come to expect. See it if you enjoy the franchise. You can expect it to be formulaic and not a particularly creative effort this time around.
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 3D

By Imaxinista
Written February 25, 2017
A must see. My two boys and their friends and I went to see the movie. The boys enjoyed the movie very much and can not wait to see another sequel.
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percy jackson sea of monsters

By rockstarruby
Written February 20, 2017
This is a awesome movie. This movie is in my top ten.
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Well Done

By amyjmattis
Written September 24, 2016
My 11 and 13 year old boys were in awe! They loved it more than PJ and the Lightening Thieves. Although both agreed the book was still better. 3D was worthwhile.
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'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters'

By dominicbaez
Written February 19, 2017
A little older, a little less humor, a little more responsibility and a lot more consequence. There’s more than a touch of the boy wizard’s magic (and a strong sense of deja vu) weaving throughout “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.” (Which is a bit strange, since this movie wasn’t actually directed by a “Harry Potter” director, unlike the first film.) “Sea of Monsters” will appeal to typical moviegoers in their teen years, but fans of the book may be disappointed or angered by some creative licensing that took place. After the viewing this critic watched, there were more than a few audience members grumbling about some of the drastic changes. Take that for what you will. “Sea of Monsters” could have used a bit of work, especially with some of its stale writing, but it was a solid follow-up, and it should sate the longing for those who miss their yearly Harry Potter movies. Worse could be said of a movie.
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