By cpimental731
Written October 14, 2014
I had such high hopes for this movie, the book was just just to good, the movie left out really important characters that I wanted to see how it was going to play, also key moments in the book like chiron is the son Kronos and how the gods dont trust him. i mean that if I was ignorant to the book this movie would have been ok with all the special effects. but as a loyal fan this movie hurt. so if you read the book save yourself the disappointment of going to this movie
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Lightining Strikes Again in this Second Installment!

By Pirates_Will Turner_Fan
Written August 19, 2013
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a brilliant movie; I loved it! It was great to see the three main actors return in their title roles. Logan Lerhman is pure delight to watch; he is very gifted and brings the character of Percy Jackson to life with great depth and emotion. Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson are equally talented and a true delight to watch; and, Anthony Head does honor to the character of Chiron in this installment. This is definitely a movie for all ages and is a Must-See! The music is brilliantly scored by the very talented Andrew Lockington. The movie is exceptionally written and acted; and the cinematography is fantastic. If you want to see a great movie and be inspired and be on the edge of your seat with excitement, "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is the movie to see. I look forward to seeing it many more times. I pray that 20th Century Fox commits to making the remaining three books in the series; you can count on me to see them all many times.
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Don't see this movie

By buggity
Written August 08, 2013
Terrible compared to the book! It was completely inaccurate, and they killed all the suspense built up throughout the series by the climactic scene. As a HUGE fan of this series I was really disappointed. :(
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By patrickmcceleccom
Written August 10, 2014
Movie was to short to include important parts that were in the book. Action scenes and graphics okay. Just felt like they could have done more.
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By ureadem54
Written August 08, 2013
I really enjoyed the film! The actors are just fantastic!! This is a family friendly movie for children and adults! I went to see this movie with my mother and my grandmother. This movie made me cry and laugh at times. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait until I see it again!
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