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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Synopsis
To save Camp Half-Blood, Percy and his demigod friends must retrieve the Golden Fleece.
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By Davefarrar
I'm not familiar with the books at all, had seen the first movie at home, took the grandkids to see this one. They seemed to like the first movie better, but I'd say they were about the same quality....

Basically flawless.

By MatthewGrimes09
I absolutely love the series, and though the Lightning Thief didn't stay very true to the book, it was still a good movie. Unfortunately, because of that, many people didn't see the Sea of Monsters....

Great book - poor movie

By chrisallan03
We were excited to see the New Percy Jackson movie. Unfortunately we came away very disappointed. The characters just lacked any depth. It felt like they were just going through the motions....


By MarilynRocks
The movie was enjoyable w/ plenty of action but it can be a bit cheesy and predictable. It could be a rental but if you are really into Greek mythology, I say go for it....

Surprisingly Great Movie!

By thyword2013
This was a surprisingly great movie! Before tickets were purchased, I asked one of my sons if I should have seen the first movie or read the first book (Lightning Thief) before seeing this movie. He...

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

By kcortese04
Took my 15 year old son to see this movie because we had seen the first one. Great movie. Hopefully the next one won't take 2 years like this one did....

Percy Jackson..

By Lizzy1520
I didn't read all of the books and I enjoyed the movie. The movie though didn't have good acting, it was even painfully awkward at times. But it did have its moments. Stanley Tucci for example was...

Just wait and see it on Netflix

By sfmaurice
If you like Harry Potter, you MAYBE like this movie also. Story is predictable, nothing surprise. The only interesting thing is when they call "Percy" in the movie, sounds like "Pu*sy". LOL....

Kids Loved It!!

By lfoster704
Went with kids and hubby. The kids loved it, my daughter says 5 stars out of 5. My son has read the books (the only one out of all of us) and he said it was not completely accurate with the books but...

Super cheesey, but a good brand of cheese!

By blackth0rn
It's much better than the first one, even if a lot cheesier. Some special effects are kinda meh, but it's still a lot of fun. Even my grumpy boyfriend loved it a lot and asked if we'd see it again!...

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Rated PG | For Fantasy action violence, some scary images and mild language.
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Common Sense Media says Action-packed sequel still doesn't live up to book series.
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