PERCY JACKSON... Greek mythology murdered! Grade: C-minus (Based on advance press preview on Thursday Feb. 11)

Written February 13, 2010
At roughly 2 hours, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief(PJOTLT) is an overwrought inconsistently-paced ridiculous exercise of an attempt at box-office magic that sputtered, fizzled, and barely crackled. I read the novel 5 years ago and was underwhelmed by its ludicrously unimaginative insipid story and I refrained from reading the entire series. I share the same exact sentiment with this movie adaptation of the novel authored by Rick Riordan. The characters in the movie(and novel) lacked depth and development. A rehashing rip-off of Harry Potter's coming-of-age predicaments(the Harry Potter series shone with creativity and imagination), PJOTLT floundered like a naiad out of water and utterly devoid of true story-telling magic. Even this movie's CGI is a dismal second to the CGI in the Harry Potter movies. The cast's bland and campy acting was painful to watch as they attempt to convey a plot that made no sense. VERDICT: At best - a rental.
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By PJOfan7
Written July 15, 2009
Saw the trailer yesterday! I'M SO EXCITED! MY FAVORITE BOOK INTO A MOVIE! Agh! CANNOT WAIT! The trailer itself looked okay, but then again, it was just a teaser. They did a great job making Logan look twelve! It seems exciting and worthy of the Harry Potter movies. Can't wait!
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I really like it

By aleikar
Written June 08, 2013
My kids keep on watching the movie over and over. I had read all the books and understand that movies are different, so i just enjoy the action and the actors do a great job. I am looking for the second installment.
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Not for lovers of the Percy Jackson books!

By sb98
Written March 04, 2010
The special effects were cool, the casting was good - but apparently the movie's makers only liked the title of the book, because other than that and the character names, they didn't use much else! The underlying premise of the book was kept in tact - the Greek gods are still with us, and their half-human, half-god children are running around in the world. BUT - the 5 book series tells the story of a series of battles using these demigods to resolve a conflict between the gods and their titan predecessors. In this movie - well, the Titans are only mentioned as part of a history lesson on a school field trip in the opening scene of the movie. The bad guy? Well, I won't ruin it for non-readers who want to see this movie, so I'll describe it this way - imagine you're a huge Harry Potter fan. You go to see a movie based upon the book, only in the movie Lord Voldemort never rises from the dead, and Wormtail killed Harry's parents all by himself...
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not what I expected!

By nottingham
Written February 27, 2010
The graphics were stunning and the actors were great, but the script was so far of from the book that my head almost liquified, my kidneys shriveled up, and my spleen literally caught on fire. The only thing that was the same was the character's names, and the setting. I know that you corporate movie makers have to make the movie "feature length' and "viewer appropriate" but seriously, if your going to make a movie from a good book, you should at least make the movie relatively similar to the book!
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