People Like Us- Family twisting & Working thru Life

By LrbMovieGuy
Written July 01, 2012
This is not an Action Film- if you are a Guy's Guy that gets bored with Chick Flicks, then stay away from People Like Us- It is my kind of movie- Throwing some Life Curves and Seeing Alex Kurtzman direct Chris Pine & Elizabeth Banks along with Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Wilde & Michael Hall D'Addario through it all. IMO, Chris Pine & Elizabeth Banks do a Fabulous Job of bringing the Reality & Drama of their situation to the screen with great performances by Pfeiffer (who would expect different, right?) & Beautiful Olivia with the Gutsy-In-Your-Face kid of Michael Hall D'Addario. Yes, it takes a while to develop; but, when it did develop, you were crying and hoping this family could work through what their father had set up years earlier! Kids will be bored. Passionate & Emotional performances by everyone. I give it 4 Stars- only because it does take a while to get to the good stuff- but make no mistake- this is a Must See Performance if you enjoy this type of film!
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Good flick!

By corissas
Written July 06, 2012
Good movie with some good performances. Chris Pine is dreamy and the rest of the cast is great too. Clever script with a touching ending. Good summer feel good film.
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Very Rain Man-esque

By ChristineLinnea
Written July 09, 2012
Self absorbed Sam learns that his distant father has died, then learns that he has a sibling he never knew about who gets his father's money while he gets the record collection. I felt that within the first 30 minutes I was seeing a movie loosely based on Rain Man. I wished I had waited for a $1 RedBox rental.
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An Intelligent, Adult Comic Drama About a Non-Traditional, Traditional Family

By mccolley2
Written July 01, 2012
We all have our childhood experiences in which our parents reveal themselves as something less than perfect. So it is with Sam Harper and Frankie Davis who unknowingly are brother and sister from the same father, the now deceased Jerry Harper who neglected both, each in his own way. When Sam is charged with finding his sister and delivering $150K to her so that she can raise her son Josh, a great story of cowardice, greed, rejection, and mistrust is launched. Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks are excellent in their roles bringing out the very human qualities of their characters, qualities we easily recognize in most of our families. Michael D'Addario steals the film with his spot on portrayal of an intelligent, but troubled, youth who must fend for himself in a world that rejects him. Michelle Pfeiffer adds professional acting to the cast,portraying the scorned wife who settled for rejection for the sake of her son. In the end, family wins, as the Harpers meet new challenges.
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Life is messy!

By ChinaRider
Written July 21, 2012
Such a great movie. Just shows that life is messy, but we go on. No family is perfect, regardless of what outside appearances might suggest. We do our best. Highly recommend!
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