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By nhoffman
Written July 05, 2012
Where do I begin? Very early in the movie you knew how this was going to turn out. Absolutely no surprises. In addition, so many things didn't make sense - the brother was always jumping into the sister's car without a thought to leaving his car behind. The kid puts the key in the lock but the door opens without turning the key; this sloppiness continued throughout the movie. And the ending - well it was so implausible. Save your money.
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I did not like this movie

By sweetjazz1
Written July 06, 2012
This could have been a better story. I hated the Chris Pine character. I don't condone deception, especially with family and his character is a totally unsympathetic. Say, I am your brother, lets get to know each other,we can start with I hated our father too. Don't flirt with your sister. Wait for it to come to netflix, not worth $11. This is an adult drama.
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Surprisingly Engaging

By Rickaen
Written June 30, 2012
Interesting story lines coupled with engaging characters made this a surprise experience on opening night. Recommended for a two hour take-away without a lot of fluff.
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I really liked it

By treki
Written July 21, 2012
Good acting, directing, cinematography, and script. It's a movie for all ages. It makes you laugh but it has its sad moments.
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People Like Us Will Like this movie

By Darkola
Written July 10, 2012
I took my wife to see this movie, yes, it would probably fall a little into the chick flick catagory, but overall, it was a bit refreshing with the story, not the guy/gal fall in love type story most chick flicks fall into, but more of family type connection movie. Most the acting in this was very good, the only disappointment I had was with the kid, there wasnt enough put into his acting to really get me to feel any real emotion towards him, or his hardships as the other actors managed to pull off. I'm not sure if this was originally a book or not, but I was really impressed with the very ending of this movie, if I had to rate a movie based just on the last few minutes of the movie, this would have gotten a 4 of 4 stars from me, it was ingenious how they came up with this ending, and the little hints in the movie itself that led to the ending. The movie had a great story, really good acting, and it was emotional at points (wife cried), I'd give this 3 of 4 stars myself, enjoy :)
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