Great movie

By richschneid
Written July 24, 2014
Really like this movie. It touched on important universal themes. The storyline and acting were superb. Highly recommeded. It is a movie for grownups and maybe older teenagers.
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People Like Us

By bjaffe3
Written July 02, 2012
The picture was good, but very slow moving. The storyline involved two different families and how they found eachother after their father died. It was more of a movie for adults not for children. The acting was very good.
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'People Like Us': Heartwarming, painful drama that appeals to the abandoned

By Kailyn616
Written July 02, 2012
People Like Us, while not quite aptly named, is an equally feel-good and feel bad drama. There is an ample amount of raw misery in this film. Yet while many of us can sympathize with other children of deadbeat dads, not all of us have secret siblings. And not all of us who lead double lives are as good at hiding one life from the other. Star Trek reboot's Chris Pine (Sam) and his mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) are the surviving relatives of a music mogul who has recently died of cancer. Shortly after his father's death, Sam is contacted by his father's friend and attorney to discuss the will. After learning that his father left him a record collection instead of coin, Sam is handed an old shaving kit bag. Inside the bag is $150,000.00 in inheritance... Please see my full review on
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People Like Us

By DRWGolfer
Written August 29, 2014
For those who have children who have abandoned a parent, it shows how much the children don't know about their parents but assume they know more. For the parents who have children who blame them for their lot in life, it is somewhat sad for they are aware they may not have the same opportunity to clear the air or that the child will never be able to see past the painted picture in their mind that they created when then were young.
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People Like Us

By rmt12
Written July 05, 2012
I liked it a lot and was glad I saw it. The two leads (Pine and Banks) were especially good. GO.
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