What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Penguins 3D is a documentary that educates audiences not about those trendy Emperor penguins, but the second-largest species, the King penguins of the sub-Antarctic. David Attenborough narrates the story of South Georgia Island's "Penguin City," where tens of thousands of mature King penguins descend each year to mate and raise baby chicks. As have the main "characters" in March of the Penguins and other comparable animal documentaries, the King penguins face staggering odds of survival -- from the elements, as well as predators like leopard seals, Skua birds, and killer whales. An egg is broken and a male adult killed, but otherwise Penguins 3D is fine for even little penguin lovers.
  • Families can discuss why penguins are so fascinating. Why are there so many more documentaries about penguins compared to other animals? What makes them so appealing?
  • Does Penguins 3D make penguins seem human or like animals? Is it troublesome to attribute human personality traits to animals? How does the documentary avoid comparing penguins to people?
  • What animals do you wish there were more documentaries about? Are there any other animals in this film that you're curious about?
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