Pig In An (Emotional) Poke(y)

By jimchudnow
Written February 24, 2008
Based on an advance screening: This was produced by Reese Witherspoon, who plays a small role in it as best friend to 'Penelope' (Christina Ricci). Filmed in 2006, it was held (for various possible reasons) and is being released now possibly because of the high visibility of co-star James McAvoy (from 'Atonement') who plays a down-on-his-luck gambler trying to court Penelope in order to get money from a paparazzi reporter who wants photos. Penelope needs a best friend because she has been cursed with cosmetically-unrepairable features such as a pig-like nose (due to improper class-conscious actions of her father's ancestor). Her mother (Catherine O'Hara) works hard to get her married off to a rich suitor, believing a kiss from such a person will restore Penelope's looks to normal.But, when the efforts fail, Penelope runs away from home to try to build her own life. The film is a generally pleasant humorous fantasy, but somewhat weak in its writing and development. 2.5* of 4.
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cutest movie ever.

By peanut_better
Written February 16, 2007
loved it!
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By movie_goer525
Written March 19, 2008
This movie was awesome! You HAVE to see this movie before it goes out of the theaters. It was so good! It had such a good message. At some parts it's a little scary, but it was pretty good!
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By Movie_Fanatic4Life
Written March 08, 2008
I thought this was a really great chick flick. It had a great message. For women, I would definitely say this is a must see movie.
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love it

By Mary-Jane123
Written February 09, 2008
this movie looks so good and i kno so many people fell this ay about themself and i just cant ait!
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