What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Pee-Wee's quirky 1985 movie is a cult-classic among devotees of Paul Reubens' bow-tied alter ego. Although even preschoolers will likely find Pee-Wee's antics funny, there are some sinister dream sequences and near-fights that might frighten the youngest of viewers. Large Marge is especially scary. Elementary-aged kids, however, are just the right age to appreciate Pee-Wee's singular mission to find his beloved stolen red bicycle and to witness the various hilarious ways he manages to get out of scrapes without ever getting hurt.
  • Families can talk about what makes Pee-wee such an entertaining character. Why do so many kids -- and adults -- like him? Can you think of any other characters who are as well-loved by both age groups?
  • Why don't we see more characters like Pee-Wee?
  • What do kids know about comedian Paul Reubens? Do actors' personal lives affect your appreciation of their artistic work?
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