Funny Moments

By hermantriplett29
Written July 24, 2016
Nothing new about this movie, it had its funny was ok.
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The Worst Movie Ever!

By ybatista
Written December 07, 2016
The whole story was stupid and the story line was stupid. I hated it!
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A Sleeper...

By LLJ464
Written May 31, 2016
...and by that I don't mean the "it's one the critics slept on, don't miss it." I mean, it will put you to sleep. It was unoriginal and dull. I had a good nap. Trying to find a high point: S. Epatha Merkeson - I've never seen her in anything besides commercials; I liked her and would like to see her in more movies.
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A So So Family Romp...

By Al P
Written October 09, 2015
Like many of Perry's films, this one's formulaic. It works but the audience leaves feeling less than satisfied, entertainment-wise. See in on DVD, cable or stream. You'll be glad you didn't pay the high price of a theater seat.
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Worst movie I've ever seen!..SMH!

By ceylonbluesaphire
Written June 27, 2016
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