Dont Meet the People

By gregchamblet
Written February 26, 2017
Took the wife to see this movie last night. We were both very disappointed. The plot had promise but the writing was a disappointment. We both felt with the exception of DAG that the lead actors were horribly miscasted. The reviews we read were good but they were totally wrong. We admire Tyler Perry and what he's accomplished but this was one of his worst.
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By tnulady
Written October 01, 2016
When Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) shows up unexpected at the Peeples reunion to propose to his girlfriend, Grace (Kerry Washington) he learns more about her bourgeois family than he's ready to know. The trailer makes you believe that Peeples is just another "Guess Who" movie but it has a great cast and is actually funny even if some of the events are unrealistic...but aren't most? Peeples was much better than expected and I enjoyed it from beginning to end! FYI - Tina Gordon Chism is also the young writer of ATL and Drumline so give her a chance!
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By Movie Truth
Written May 29, 2017
First I want to commend Mr. Perry for showing Black People in a positive light on the big screen. The story was a feel good movie, one of lies, deception and feigning ignorance – standard family stuff. And it's funny too! Predictably there's a happy ending where everyone learns their lesson. There were two situations that I believe were underdeveloped. Situation 1: If I am away with my family, and I specifically told my boyfriend not to come, and he stills shows up, you better believe there will be an argument, in this version of the story no such argument ensued…Really??? is not Kerry Washington a black women? Situation 2: The father calls her ‘almost’ fiance a liar and she does not stand up for her man? Finally she goes to him and gives, what can only be described as the lamest apology ever and HE get's down on one knee and proposes? Really?? Why didn't Kerry get down on one knee, why didn't she take a chance of open rejection?
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Too FUNNY!!!

By nikoftimetravel
Written April 27, 2017
Tina Gordon Chism did an awesome job in her Directorial debut and Writing of the movie "Peeples"!!! Wow...I Laughed from Beginning to End (Literally)!!! I am so glad TP helped her with her first of many movies, so she will know everything from A to Z as to what to do and what not to do in this industry. He is such a good role model for up & coming writers & directors. I look forward to her future films and hope she makes them even lengthier as this one was only an hour & a half. Can't wait for the DVD to be Released in September!!! :))
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Very affecting movie

By stalepie30
Written February 20, 2017
Some hot women in this one. Everyone acted perfectly. I wish it hadn't of faded to black during that Three's Company part. It's hard to believe that fathers actually care that much about who their daughters marry.
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