Peaceful Warrior Synopsis
A mysterious stranger (Nick Nolte) changes the life of a gifted athlete.
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Peaceful Warrior is a must see!

By donak
I absolutely loved the movie. Saddest thing was I was in a theater with only 3 others watching. In today's world, EVERYONE needs to see this movie! The acting was credible and the story was...

Good Message

By datenighter
Good message, good plot, great acting. A real "sleeper of a movie"...didn't know it existed until we were searching for a decent date night movie to go to. We loved it. They should have advertised...

Peaceful Warrior!

By Desertdawg78
I loved this movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD! it's the story of Dan Millman a former world gymnastics champion, and his adventures with a mysterious gas station attendant. it's a very...


By avila91
What a joke of a movie...


By peacekeeper
A must see!...

Peaceful Warrior

By moviecriticbca
Great movie. The message is about becoming conscious about your own life and taking responsibility for it. In other words we need to wake up and be present in the now. Unfortunitly most of us don't...

Peaceful warrior

By survey_jose
I can't say enough! You must see this movie. Dose anyone know when the DVD movie will be out....

Wonderfully Acted and Great Visually

By felipecrew
The story is intriguing and will move you....

peaceful warrior

By mbmustanger
this movie was below average. the story made absolutely no sense and the attempt they made at creating emotion in the viewer was horrible. very cheesy emotion...


By gwhitne2
This was such a good movie! i was breathless walking out of the movie, as was the other girls walking out with me. the movie makes you think about the theme way after the movie is over...

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Rated PG-13 | For sensuality, sex references and accident
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Common Sense Media says Like Karate Kid -- without the karate.
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