"Still Alive" is a must see!

By val836
Written March 24, 2015
Steve Kessler knocks one out of the park with this awesome documentary about Paul Williams. This movie is so honest, and so very charming. Prepare to fall in love all over again with Paul's music, and see him like you've never seen him before.
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See it!

By magbue
Written June 10, 2012
The NYT didn't get it -- this is film that started out as a documentary and ended up a buddy-movie. The eyes of an adoring fan (the filmmaker) are opened with the candor of this exceptional entertainer. Very worthwhile.
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Will Win The Oscar For Best Documentary

By ziegfeldman
Written March 15, 2015
If you never heard of Paul Williams, you know his music, "I Won't Last a Day Without You," "Rainy Day and Mondays," "The Rainbow Connection." When someone so popular has been off the radar so long, you figure he has to be dead. Well, in a sense, he was. But he's back, on top of the world, and this is his his story-but not your standard biopic. The interaction between Paul and the filmmaker makes this one hell of a documentary, and a very inspiring one. Paul has been to Hell and back. We should all be so fortunate. A great film!!
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Totally Enjoyable

By unclecarlvreeland
Written June 10, 2012
My 8 year daughter attended the movie with me - and totally enjoyed it. I believe that alone says a lot. I thought the film was very well done. To add - the director (aside from being a great craftsman in the art of film-making) displayed humility in the film. And this was a good thing. And something I found to be unique in a documentary. Paul Williams of course is an inspiration, entertaining, immensely talented, and a very nice person (we had the pleasure of a Q & A with Paul and the director at the end of the film and meeting them afterwards - a truly unforgettable evening)! Thank you!
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Paul Williams Still Alive

By russturk
Written June 09, 2012
Great little doc about one of the great songwriters of the 70s. Funny, touching and memorable.
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