Paul Page
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1903

Worked With

Year Name Title
1934 Patsy Kelly The Countess of Monte Cristo
1934 Paul Lukas The Countess of Monte Cristo
1934 Reginald Owen The Countess of Monte Cristo
1934 Fay Wray The Countess of Monte Cristo
1934 Bobby Watson The Countess of Monte Cristo
1934 Jean Parker Have a Heart
1934 Una Merkel Have a Heart
1934 Stuart Erwin Have a Heart
1934 James Dunn Have a Heart
1934 Bert Wheeler Kentucky Kernels
1934 Robert Woolsey Kentucky Kernels
1934 Noah Beery, Sr. Kentucky Kernels
1934 William Pawley Kentucky Kernels
1934 Margaret Dumont Kentucky Kernels
1934 Louis Mason Kentucky Kernels
1934 Mary Carlisle Kentucky Kernels
1934 George "Spanky" McFarland Kentucky Kernels
1934 Sally O'Neil The Moth
1934 Duncan Renaldo The Moth
1934 Mae Busch Road to Ruin
1933 Fredrik Vogeding Below the Sea
1933 Ralph Bellamy Below the Sea
1933 Fay Wray Below the Sea
1933 George "Gabby" Hayes The Phantom Broadcast
1933 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams The Phantom Broadcast
1933 Gail Patrick The Phantom Broadcast
1932 Charlie Ruggles 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams 70,000 Witnesses
1932 John Farrell MacDonald 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Johnny Mack Brown 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Reed Howes 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Roscoe Karns Pleasure
1931 Myrna Loy The Naughty Flirt
1931 George Irving The Naughty Flirt
1931 Alice White The Naughty Flirt
1931 Charlotte Greenwood Palmy Days
1931 Eddie Cantor Palmy Days
1931 Walter Catlett Palmy Days
1931 Betty Grable Palmy Days
1931 George Raft Palmy Days
1931 Charles B. Middleton Palmy Days
1931 Clara Kimball Young Women Go on Forever
1930 William Harrigan Born Reckless
1930 Ward Bond Born Reckless
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Born Reckless
1930 Edmund Lowe Born Reckless
1930 Lee Tracy Born Reckless
1930 John Wayne Born Reckless
1930 Pat Somerset Born Reckless
1930 Jack Mulhall The Golden Calf
1930 Walter Catlett The Golden Calf
1930 Will Rogers Happy Days
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Happy Days
1930 Victor McLaglen Happy Days
1930 George Jessel Happy Days
1930 Janet Gaynor Happy Days
1930 Betty Grable Happy Days
1930 Stuart Erwin Happy Days
1930 Charles Farrell Happy Days
1930 Warner Baxter Happy Days
1930 Edmund Lowe Happy Days
1930 Walter Catlett Happy Days
1930 Pat Somerset Men Without Women
1930 John Wayne Men Without Women
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Men Without Women
1930 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Men Without Women
1930 Stuart Erwin Men Without Women
1930 Robert Parrish Men Without Women
1929 Lola Lane The Girl from Havana
1929 Dorothy Burgess Protection
1929 Stuart Erwin Speakeasy
1929 Lola Lane Speakeasy
1929 John Wayne Speakeasy
1929 Henry B. Walthall Speakeasy
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