Paul Massie
Date of Birth
Jul 07, 1932
Birth Place:
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Worked With

Year Name Title
1984 Howard E. Rollins, Jr. He's Fired, She's Hired
1984 Elizabeth Ashley He's Fired, She's Hired
1965 Ronald Fraser Avengers: The Gravediggers
1965 Patrick Macnee Avengers: The Gravediggers
1965 Diana Rigg Avengers: The Gravediggers
1965 Steven Berkoff Avengers: The Gravediggers
1962 Paul Rogers The Pot Carriers
1962 Ronald Fraser The Pot Carriers
1962 Dennis Price The Pot Carriers
1962 Eddie Byrne The Pot Carriers
1962 Eric Barker Roommates
1962 Tom Clegg Roommates
1962 George Woodbridge Roommates
1962 Kenny Williams Roommates
1962 James Robertson Justice Roommates
1962 Brian Oulton Roommates
1962 Victor Maddern Roommates
1962 Jill Ireland Roommates
1962 Liz Fraser Roommates
1962 Geoffrey Keen Roommates
1961 Jill Ireland Raising the Wind
1961 Eric Barker Raising the Wind
1961 Liz Fraser Raising the Wind
1961 James Robertson Justice Raising the Wind
1961 Geoffrey Keen Raising the Wind
1961 Kenny Williams Raising the Wind
1961 Peter Bull The Rebel
1961 John Le Mesurier The Rebel
1961 Dennis Price The Rebel
1961 John Wood The Rebel
1961 Oliver Reed The Rebel
1961 George Sanders The Rebel
1961 Gary Lockwood The Rebel
1961 Liz Fraser The Rebel
1961 Mervyn Johns The Rebel
1960 Dawn Addams Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
1960 Oliver Reed Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
1960 Christopher Lee Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
1960 David Kossoff Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
1959 Kenneth Griffith Libel
1959 Dirk Bogarde Libel
1959 Wilfrid Hyde-White Libel
1959 Robert Morley Libel
1959 Olivia de Havilland Libel
1959 Richard Wattis Libel
1959 Robert Shaw Libel
1959 Bill Shine Libel
1959 Yvonne Mitchell Sapphire
1959 Bernard Miles Sapphire
1959 Michael Craig Sapphire
1959 Nigel Patrick Sapphire
1958 Lionel Jeffries Orders to Kill
1958 Eddie Albert Orders to Kill
1958 Irene Worth Orders to Kill
1958 Michael Kelly Orders to Kill
1958 James Robertson Justice Orders to Kill
1958 Andrea Malandrinos Orders to Kill
1958 Lillian Gish Orders to Kill
1958 Sam Kydd Orders to Kill
1957 Patrick McGoohan High Tide at Noon
1957 Michael Craig High Tide at Noon
1957 Alexander Knox High Tide at Noon
1957 Betta St. John High Tide at Noon
1957 William Sylvester High Tide at Noon
1957 Flora Robson High Tide at Noon
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