Pauline Frederick
Date of Birth
Aug 12, 1883
Birth Place:
Boston, MA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1937 William Von Brincken Thank You, Mr. Moto
1937 Peter Lorre Thank You, Mr. Moto
1937 Sig Rumann Thank You, Mr. Moto
1937 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Thank You, Mr. Moto
1937 John Carradine Thank You, Mr. Moto
1936 Beryl Mercer My Marriage
1936 Claire Trevor My Marriage
1936 Henry Kolker My Marriage
1936 Lynn Bari My Marriage
1936 Kent Taylor My Marriage
1936 Colin Tapley My Marriage
1936 Paul Kelly My Marriage
1936 John Carradine Ramona
1936 William Benedict Ramona
1936 Loretta Young Ramona
1936 Don Ameche Ramona
1936 Jane Darwell Ramona
1936 Cecil Weston Ramona
1936 Kent Taylor Ramona
1936 Charles B. Middleton Ramona
1936 Ruth Robinson Ramona
1936 J. Carrol Naish Ramona
1934 Charles Winninger The Social Register
1934 Colleen Moore The Social Register
1934 Robert Benchley The Social Register
1933 Henry B. Walthall My Mother
1933 George "Gabby" Hayes My Mother
1933 Claire Windsor My Mother
1933 Si Jenks My Mother
1933 George "Gabby" Hayes Self Defense
1933 Claire Windsor Self Defense
1933 Henry B. Walthall Self Defense
1932 H.B. Warner The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 Ricardo Cortez The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 Anita Louise The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 George E. Stone The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 Sam Hardy The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 John Litel Wayward
1932 Dorothy Stickney Wayward
1932 Nancy Carroll Wayward
1932 Richard Arlen Wayward
1931 Hobart Bosworth This Modern Age
1931 Armand Kaliz This Modern Age
1931 Neil Hamilton This Modern Age
1931 Joan Crawford This Modern Age
1931 Emma Dunn This Modern Age
1931 Ann Dvorak This Modern Age
1929 Myrna Loy Evidence
1929 Lowell Sherman Evidence
1929 Conrad Nagel The Sacred Flame
1929 Lila Lee The Sacred Flame
1928 Lois Wilson On Trial
1928 Franklin Pangborn On Trial
1927 Herbert Marshall Mumsie
1926 Boris Karloff Her Honor the Governor
1926 Tom Santschi Her Honor the Governor
1926 Armand Kaliz Josselyn's Wife
1925 Tully Marshall Smouldering Fires
1925 Rolfe Sedan Smouldering Fires
1925 Wanda Hawley Smouldering Fires
1924 Clifton Webb Let Not Man Put Asunder
1924 Alice Hollister Married Flirts
1924 Robert Z. Leonard Married Flirts
1924 John Gilbert Married Flirts
1924 Mae Busch Married Flirts
1924 Huntly Gordon Married Flirts
1924 Norma Shearer Married Flirts
1924 Conrad Nagel Married Flirts
1924 Mae Murray Married Flirts
1924 May McAvoy Married Flirts
1924 May McAvoy Three Women
1924 Willard Louis Three Women
1924 Marie Prevost Three Women
1922 Louise Dresser Glory of Clementina
1921 Willard Louis Roads of Destiny
1921 Milton Sills Salvage
1921 Raymond Hatton Salvage
1921 Jack Richardson Sting of the Lash
1920 Willard Louis Madame X
1919 Wyndham Standing Out of the Shadow
1916 Alan Hale Woman in the Case
1915 Lowell Sherman Sold
1915 Madge Evans Zaza
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