Paula Newsome

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Anthony Mackie Black or White
2014 Jennifer Ehle Black or White
2014 Kevin Costner Black or White
2007 Jada Pinkett Smith Reign Over Me
2007 Robert Klein Reign Over Me
2007 Don Cheadle Reign Over Me
2007 Melinda Dillon Reign Over Me
2007 Liv Tyler Reign Over Me
2007 Donald Sutherland Reign Over Me
2007 Adam Sandler Reign Over Me
2007 Benicio Del Toro Things We Lost in the Fire
2007 David Duchovny Things We Lost in the Fire
2007 Halle Berry Things We Lost in the Fire
2006 Greg Kinnear Little Miss Sunshine
2006 Paul Dano Little Miss Sunshine
2006 Mary Lynn Rajskub Little Miss Sunshine
2006 Steve Carell Little Miss Sunshine
2006 Toni Collette Little Miss Sunshine
2006 Alan Arkin Little Miss Sunshine
1999 Dee Wallace Ally McBeal: Buried Pleasures
1999 Peter MacNicol Ally McBeal: Buried Pleasures
1999 Lucy Liu Ally McBeal: Buried Pleasures
1999 Calista Flockhart Ally McBeal: Buried Pleasures
1998 Lauren Graham Conrad Bloom [TV Series]
1998 Michael Pitt Law & Order: Carrier
1998 David Spielberg Law & Order: Carrier
1992 Jane Lynch Straight Talk
1992 Jerry Orbach Straight Talk
1992 Philip Bosco Straight Talk
1992 Irma P. Hall Straight Talk
1992 Charles Fleischer Straight Talk
1992 Michael Madsen Straight Talk
1992 Spalding Gray Straight Talk
1992 Griffin Dunne Straight Talk
1992 Dolly Parton Straight Talk
1992 James Woods Straight Talk
1992 John Sayles Straight Talk
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