By francescamcc
Written August 31, 2008
This film was so incredibly inspirational. Whether you are a fan of Smith's music, or just her conic persona, this film will greatly move you. It reminds us all that are heroes are just people, and often, so very much like ourselves. If you crave the artistic life, this is an interesting fly on the wall view of some of Smith's observations, obsessions and who & what she loves (and has loved) in her life. TRULY, A MUST-SEE. Don't miss it!
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PATTI SMITH: Dream of Life

By JMarch66
Written August 31, 2008
The film is a MUST. Watching it is like going to a Patti Smith concert and then hanging out with her afterward - and that's just the start. She is an amazing artist and the film, while flawed as are most things, captures her essence.
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Patti Smith is just as I expected

By jerkey
Written August 31, 2008
Less of a biography and more of an autobiography on where she's been in her own head for the last 10-20 years. I did enjoy watching her with her family and all the anti-Bush sentiment was excellent and received vast applause.
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Enjoyed It!

By lovebug1011
Written September 02, 2008
I enjoyed learning about Patti and her life. I really liked listening to her music throughout the movie not to mention hearing some of her poetry.. I didn't know much about her before this movie. My girlfriend had me listen to some of her music and I was like "WOW" she is really good. She a one very talented lady...
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Dream of Life

By cheevita
Written August 31, 2008
awesome.....a must see
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