Patrick Magee
Date of Birth
Mar 31, 1922
Birth Place:
Arnagh, Northern Ireland

Worked With

Year Name Title
1984 Billie Whitelaw Samuel Beckett: Silence To Silence
1981 Brad Davis Chariots of Fire
1981 John Gielgud Chariots of Fire
1981 Ben Cross Chariots of Fire
1981 Nigel Davenport Chariots of Fire
1981 Alice Krige Chariots of Fire
1981 Michel Lonsdale Chariots of Fire
1981 Richard Griffiths Chariots of Fire
1981 Ian Holm Chariots of Fire
1981 Lindsay Anderson Chariots of Fire
1981 Udo Kier Docteur Jekyll et les Femmes
1981 Peter Firth The Flipside of Dominick Hide
1981 Harry Andrews Hawk the Slayer
1981 Roy Kinnear Hawk the Slayer
1981 Graham Stark Hawk the Slayer
1981 Jack Palance Hawk the Slayer
1981 Simon Ward The Monster Club
1981 Stuart Whitman The Monster Club
1981 Vincent Price The Monster Club
1981 Donald Pleasence The Monster Club
1981 John Carradine The Monster Club
1980 David Niven Rough Cut
1980 Douglas Wilmer Rough Cut
1980 Burt Reynolds Rough Cut
1980 Joss Ackland Rough Cut
1980 Lesley-Anne Down Rough Cut
1980 Roland Culver Rough Cut
1980 Trevor Howard Sir Henry at Rawlinson End
1979 Per Oscarsson Sleep of Death
1979 Curd Jürgens Sleep of Death
1979 Pascal Greggory Les Soeurs Bronte
1979 Isabelle Huppert Les Soeurs Bronte
1979 Marie-France Pisier Les Soeurs Bronte
1979 Isabelle Adjani Les Soeurs Bronte
1977 Sheree North Telefon
1977 John Mitchum Telefon
1977 Lee Remick Telefon
1977 Donald Pleasence Telefon
1977 Alan Badel Telefon
1977 Charles Bronson Telefon
1977 Tyne Daly Telefon
1975 Steven Berkoff Barry Lyndon
1975 Marisa Berenson Barry Lyndon
1975 Andre Morell Barry Lyndon
1975 Hardy Kruger Barry Lyndon
1975 Murray Melvin Barry Lyndon
1975 Liam Redmond Barry Lyndon
1975 Michael Hordern Barry Lyndon
1975 Ryan O'Neal Barry Lyndon
1975 Leonard Rossiter Barry Lyndon
1975 Edward Fox Galileo
1975 Michael Gough Galileo
1975 John Gielgud Galileo
1975 Topol Galileo
1975 Clive Revill Galileo
1975 Tom Conti Galileo
1975 Margaret Leighton Galileo
1975 Michel Lonsdale Galileo
1974 Joanna Pettet A Killer in Every Corner
1974 Maurice Denham Luther
1974 Judi Dench Luther
1974 Robert Stephens Luther
1974 Leonard Rossiter Luther
1974 Hugh Griffith Luther
1974 John Gielgud Luther
1974 Julian Glover Luther
1974 Stacy Keach Luther
1974 Alan Badel Luther
1974 Raf Vallone Passion
1973 Herbert Lom And Now the Screaming Starts!
1973 Peter Cushing And Now the Screaming Starts!
1973 Harry Andrews The Final Programme
1973 George Coulouris The Final Programme
1973 Sterling Hayden The Final Programme
1973 Hugh Griffith The Final Programme
1973 Perry Lopez Lady Ice
1973 Donald Sutherland Lady Ice
1973 Jennifer O'Neill Lady Ice
1973 Eric Braeden Lady Ice
1973 Robert Duvall Lady Ice
1972 Peter Cushing Asylum
1972 Megs Jenkins Asylum
1972 Herbert Lom Asylum
1972 Charlotte Rampling Asylum
1972 Sylvia Syms Asylum
1972 Richard Todd Asylum
1972 Barry Morse Asylum
1972 Robert Powell Asylum
1972 Yvonne Mitchell Demons of the Mind
1972 Michael Hordern Demons of the Mind
1972 Lesley-Anne Down Pope Joan
1972 Olivia de Havilland Pope Joan
1972 Keir Dullea Pope Joan
1972 Derek Farr Pope Joan
1972 Maximilian Schell Pope Joan
1972 Liv Ullmann Pope Joan
1972 Jeremy Kemp Pope Joan
1972 Franco Nero Pope Joan
1972 Andre Morell Pope Joan
1972 Robert Beatty Pope Joan
1972 Martin Benson Pope Joan
1972 Trevor Howard Pope Joan
1972 Ralph Richardson Tales from the Crypt
1972 Ian Hendry Tales from the Crypt
1972 Richard Greene Tales from the Crypt
1972 Peter Cushing Tales from the Crypt
1972 Nigel Patrick Tales from the Crypt
1972 Roy Dotrice Tales from the Crypt
1972 Harry Locke Tales from the Crypt
1972 Anthony Hopkins Young Winston
1972 Jane Seymour Young Winston
1972 Robert Shaw Young Winston
1972 John Mills Young Winston
1972 Basil Dignam Young Winston
1972 Robert Flemyng Young Winston
1972 Anne Bancroft Young Winston
1972 Nigel Hawthorne Young Winston
1972 Ian Holm Young Winston
1972 Jack Hawkins Young Winston
1972 Thorley Walters Young Winston
1972 Simon Ward Young Winston
1972 Laurence Naismith Young Winston
1972 Edward Woodward Young Winston
1972 John Stuart Young Winston
1972 Norman Rossington Young Winston
1971 Steven Berkoff A Clockwork Orange
1971 Adrienne Corri A Clockwork Orange
1971 Margaret Tyzack A Clockwork Orange
1971 Malcolm McDowell A Clockwork Orange
1971 Percy Herbert The Fiend
1971 Cyril Cusack King Lear
1971 Paul Scofield King Lear
1971 Irene Worth King Lear
1971 Katharine Hepburn The Trojan Women
1971 Irene Papas The Trojan Women
1971 Vanessa Redgrave The Trojan Women
1971 Geneviève Bujold The Trojan Women
1971 Brian Blessed The Trojan Women
1970 John Welsh Cromwell
1970 Nigel Stock Cromwell
1970 Patrick Wymark Cromwell
1970 Richard Harris Cromwell
1970 Dorothy Tutin Cromwell
1970 Douglas Wilmer Cromwell
1970 Frank Finlay Cromwell
1970 Robert Morley Cromwell
1970 Alec Guinness Cromwell
1970 Charles Gray Cromwell
1970 Timothy Dalton Cromwell
1970 Geoffrey Keen Cromwell
1970 Tony Curtis You Can't Win 'Em All
1970 Charles Bronson You Can't Win 'Em All
1969 Anthony Quayle Destiny of a Spy
1969 Rachel Roberts Destiny of a Spy
1969 Harry Andrews Destiny of a Spy
1969 James Donald Destiny of a Spy
1969 Lorne Greene Destiny of a Spy
1969 Sterling Hayden Hard Contract
1969 Claude Dauphin Hard Contract
1969 Helen Cherry Hard Contract
1969 Burgess Meredith Hard Contract
1969 James Coburn Hard Contract
1969 Karen Black Hard Contract
1969 Lilli Palmer Hard Contract
1969 Lee Remick Hard Contract
1968 Gene Evans Anzio
1968 Robert Ryan Anzio
1968 Peter Falk Anzio
1968 Robert Mitchum Anzio
1968 Wolfgang Preiss Anzio
1968 Giancarlo Giannini Anzio
1968 Earl Holliman Anzio
1968 Richard Arlen Anzio
1968 Arthur Kennedy Anzio
1968 Robert Shaw The Birthday Party
1968 Tom Clegg Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Donald Wolfit Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Victor Maddern Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Leo McKern Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Kenneth Griffith Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Paul Rogers Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Geneviève Page Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1968 Felix Aylmer Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher
1966 Glenda Jackson Marat / Sade
1966 Freddie Jones Marat / Sade
1966 Ian Richardson Marat / Sade
1965 Boris Karloff Die, Monster, Die!
1965 Nick Adams Die, Monster, Die!
1965 Freda Jackson Die, Monster, Die!
1965 Nigel Green The Skull
1965 Jill Bennett The Skull
1965 Patrick Wymark The Skull
1965 Christopher Lee The Skull
1965 Michael Gough The Skull
1965 Peter Cushing The Skull
1965 George Coulouris The Skull
1964 Vincent Price The Masque of the Red Death
1964 Jane Asher The Masque of the Red Death
1964 Hazel Court The Masque of the Red Death
1964 Nigel Green The Masque of the Red Death
1964 Richard Attenborough Séance on a Wet Afternoon
1964 Ulla Jacobsson Zulu
1964 Michael Caine Zulu
1964 Jack Hawkins Zulu
1964 James Booth Zulu
1964 Nigel Green Zulu
1964 Stanley Baker Zulu
1964 Richard Burton Zulu
1963 Honor Blackman Avengers: The Gilded Cage
1963 Patrick Macnee Avengers: The Gilded Cage
1963 James Fox The Servant
1963 Dirk Bogarde The Servant
1963 Harold Pinter The Servant
1963 Sarah Miles The Servant
1963 Richard Todd The Very Edge
1963 Nicole Maurey The Very Edge
1963 Anne Heywood The Very Edge
1963 Jeremy Brett The Very Edge
1963 Maurice Denham The Very Edge
1962 Patrick Macnee Avengers: Killer Whale
1962 Honor Blackman Avengers: Killer Whale
1962 Roy Kinnear The Boys
1962 Felix Aylmer The Boys
1962 Robert Morley The Boys
1962 Wilfrid Brambell The Boys
1962 Richard Todd The Boys
1962 Stanley Baker A Prize of Arms
1962 Michael Ripper A Prize of Arms
1962 Tom Bell A Prize of Arms
1962 Kenneth Griffith Young, Willing and Eager
1962 Hermione Baddeley Young, Willing and Eager
1961 Harry Locke Never Back Losers
1960 Patrick Wymark The Criminal
1960 Laurence Naismith The Criminal
1960 Nigel Green The Criminal
1960 Sam Wanamaker The Criminal
1960 Roy Dotrice The Criminal
1960 Tom Bell The Criminal
1960 Murray Melvin The Criminal
1960 Jill Bennett The Criminal
1960 Stanley Baker The Criminal
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