Everybody has a secret

By Ann Ora
Written April 18, 2008
I was fortunate to see a private screening of the movie two weeks ago. Before the movie began, I was unconvinced that the actors and story line would be of interest to me. I mean, who really enjoys watching people die?! Anyhow, I quickly was entranced by the amazing acting and intriguing story line. The killing factor is reminiscent of Boondock Saints. Take away the dead bodies, blood, and killings and you have a real psychological thriller where you have to ask yourself- if you could get away with murder, would you do it?
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Words from a Non-Thriller Fan

By jenthefangirl
Written March 21, 2008
I don't normally see films like this, to be honest. The initial draw for this one for me was Milo Ventimiglia. I love his work. Though this movie offered a non safety zone for me, I wanted to see Ventimiglia's work. After seeing it last night, I was thoroughly surprised by just how much I love this film! From the teaser vid, I thought it would be heavily with gore and sex, but this wasn't the case. It holds a nice mix of both. The strongest thing working for this film is its message. The two writers are offering an interesting comment on the human condition. It's a worthy comment that people might want to begin considering. Pathology is a thinking movie. Names, actions, settings, prop pieces, they are all important to the plot and over all scope of the film. I find it a startling reflection of the world we inhabit. The film has started me reflecting on the way I navigate through the world. This to me is very fascinating! I highly encourage you to give it a chance
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Worst. Movie. Ever.

By garygonsalvesjr
Written April 22, 2008
Possibly the worst movie ever. Sociopathic sickofants murder people and have repulsive sex and murder while having repulsive sex. I thought it would never end. Do NOT see this movie.
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By ilkedemmovies
Written April 21, 2008
I wasn't expecting this movie to be this good. It was kinda gory, but really smart!
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Saw Meets Forensic Files

By domenj
Written May 04, 2008
Over the top gore. Nauseating sights and sounds - and that's just the acting.
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