This one died by the sword

By sethrich
Written April 18, 2007
The trailers for Pathfinder appeared promising and led me to believe it could be just as good as the also recent historical action movie, 300. Sadly, this movie is a disappointment. It had potential and could have been a lot better if a few things were different. The action/fight scenes are the best things going for Pathfinder, and they're fairly decent, but they're not good enough to carry the movie on their back. The wilderness landscapes are also appealing to the eye, but the lack of good dialogue and the presence of a predictable story (and hero) contribute to the downfall of this disappointment.
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Pathfinder gets lost!

By twillebn
Written April 19, 2007
The best part of this movie is the costumes....weak story. When you see the previews.....that's the best part. My 13 year old son fell asleep if that tells you anything. In fact, we almost walked out early. Oh well.
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By jonm80
Written April 18, 2007
The movie was horrible. My brother and I ended up walking out about 3/4 of the way through. You kept waiting for the acting to get better and for someone to call someone by a name. The cut scenes were horrible and choppy. The dramatic incidents were corny at best and stolen from other movies. Save your ten dollars, Don't even spend the money to rent this one and don't take up a slot on your netflix.
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This movie was top five

By michael.bailey-02
Written April 19, 2007
This movie was top five worst movies ever made! The plot line was mentally retarded, the action was worse than a crappy power rangers knock off, and there was holes in the story constantly. Everyone i went with fell asleep. You should have paid me to see this huge steaming pile of cinematic crap. If you like this movie, i hope it is the first movie you have ever seen, because if you like this movie, i hate you. If this movie was a group of people, it would be the scum of the earth. if you liked 300 or conan or any other good movie about warriors fighting, please don't waste your money on this hunk of baby crap with burnt hair in it. Just go to 300 again! If this movie was a smell it would smell like big foots ****.
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By dizzymiss_lizzy
Written May 02, 2007
I thought it was an ok movie. It was not worth the $9/ticket I paid, but it's worth seeing at the dollar movies or renting. The plot was kind of fun, but the dialogue was horrendously cheesy at times. There isn't much talking in it, which at first kind of bugged me, but as the lines that were said got worse and worse, I became more grateful for the silent scenes. Cinematography was excellent, with some GORGEOUS locations. A few holes in the plot/action, but otherwise not a bad movie. I was entertained.
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