Unexpectedly Entertaining

By rmccort
Written July 17, 2012
This is a very Indian movie. By that I mean that there is no explanations for things that everyone in India would already understand (like the kite festival and some of the family customs). However, the underlying story of a family in conflict because of the comingled struggles of modernizing verses traditional and the old generation and the new is compelling and understandable in every culture. I think the acting was excellent, although I confess some difficulty in knowing for certain when the film is in a language other than my own. The cinematography was fascinating, if a bit unsettling during a few minutes towards the beginning and two or three more times during the film where the director uses a shifting focus shot. The jumble of images presented as footage from the daughter's camera helped put us into her perspective on events. This film left a pleasant and thoughtful melancholy in its wake. I recommend it to those not seeking car chases or latex-clad heroes.
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By ashwini.v7
Written June 24, 2012
I didn't like the movie at all! To begin with, the clarity was sooo bad that I didn't want to even watch the movie. The cinematography sucked! Even the little bit of acting and story was all masked by the poor quality. That's all I can say!
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By rahsharma
Written June 29, 2012
Great movie. If you like independent films, you will love this one The cinematography is on point. Also provides a great insight into Indian culture.
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By johnnycashak
Written March 25, 2013
What is wrong with India? Why must every movie just plain suck? Bad writing, bad acting, bad cinematography. No wonder they steal from Hollywood every chance they get.
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