Patang Synopsis
In the city of Ahmedabad a family duels with other kite fliers amid India's largest kite festival.

Movie Reviews

Unexpectedly Entertaining

By rmccort
This is a very Indian movie. By that I mean that there is no explanations for things that everyone in India would already understand (like the kite festival and some of the family customs). However,...


By ashwini.v7
I didn't like the movie at all! To begin with, the clarity was sooo bad that I didn't want to even watch the movie. The cinematography sucked! Even the little bit of acting and story was all masked...


By rahsharma
Great movie. If you like independent films, you will love this one The cinematography is on point. Also provides a great insight into Indian culture....


By johnnycashak
What is wrong with India? Why must every movie just plain suck? Bad writing, bad acting, bad cinematography. No wonder they steal from Hollywood every chance they get....