Thinking Person's Movie

By suemarie
Written November 06, 2008
I was hooked on this movie from the very beginning. A therapist is counseling survivors of a plane crash. Anne Hathaway is good, but I thought maybe a little young for the part. I enjoy suspense without gore. I know some reviewers have said it is predictable, but there were many surprises, with an ending that was satisfying and moving.
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By travis bickle
Written October 28, 2008
a terrific movie. the twist at the end is not really much of a surprise, but the movie is still worth watching. anne hathaway does a nice job and patrick wilson is creepy enough to keep you in suspense as to what is truly going on. the movie handles the issues of life and death in a better way than most movies of this genre usually do. if you have an opportunity to see this movie then i reccomend you go see it and not allow yourself to be persuaded by anyone else's negativity towards it. i had a wonderful time and the actors involved looked as if they had a good time making this movie. go see this movie with someone and have a conversation about the film, the ending, and how they were able to capture what it is that may await all of us when it is our time to move on from this world.
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By Melnick
Written October 27, 2008
Starts out slow and flat but ending is good.
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By cokie5
Written October 27, 2008
Great story line ... suspenseful ... thrilling ... recommend to anyone to see.
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review of lcrotts review!

By brweyedgirl
Written October 26, 2008
incredibly rude of you too write a spoiler just because you're upset about the movie. idiot.
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