Passengers (2008) Synopsis
A therapist (Anne Hathaway) becomes involved with the secretive survivor of a plane crash.
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Chicago Reader

Intelligent supernatural drama.
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Los Angeles Times

With these actors and Rodrigo García's sensitive direction, Passengers might have fared well as a short. But as a full-length feature, it's...
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Entertainment Weekly

Turns out to be just another dud in the genre of revisionist mysteries that have been messing with our heads since Haley Joel Osment saw...
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By Justin Chang
Cruising somewhere between therapy drama and paranoid thriller, this middlebrow tone poem aims for ambiguity but often veers into soporific,...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
A clunky, dead-on-arrival scary drama that proves that even people with good taste need a good script or direction.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
The film is a misfire, which you feel more acutely given the talents of those involved, including director Rodrigo Garcia ("Nine Lives,"...
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L.A. Weekly

A kind of declawed, inside-out "Final Destination" -- with none of the sense of showmanship, and all the looming malice of a mawkish...
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
A supernatural thriller so mechanically inept and lacking in suspense that it doesn't even pass muster as lowbrow Halloween-ready...
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Thinking Person's Movie

By suemarie
I was hooked on this movie from the very beginning. A therapist is counseling survivors of a plane crash. Anne Hathaway is good, but I thought maybe a little young for the part. I enjoy suspense...


By travis bickle
a terrific movie. the twist at the end is not really much of a surprise, but the movie is still worth watching. anne hathaway does a nice job and patrick wilson is creepy enough to keep you in...


By Melnick
Starts out slow and flat but ending is good....


By cokie5
Great story line ... suspenseful ... thrilling ... recommend to anyone to see....

review of lcrotts review!

By brweyedgirl
incredibly rude of you too write a spoiler just because you're upset about the movie. idiot....

Thought it would be better

By jmccloy77
I thought this was going to be a good movie. I was wrong. I like Anne Hathaway. Really good actress. But this movie was not good. It started off good, but it was all downhill from there. It was all a...

Dull Sixth Sense wannabe

By jhs39
I went to this movie not knowing anything about it other than Anne Hathaway was the lead. It quickly became clear why it's being dumped in theaters even with Hathaway's growing star power--Passengers...


By lcrotts
they should let you know she is not a therapist but a dead person (spirit). People aren't missing they are dead!!!!...

Passengers is well crafted

By mooviesrock
Passengers is a well crafted and superbly cast movie with a twist. This movie has thematic elements of death that are woven with suspense and intrigue. It is not an action packed movie but rather...

Utterly predictable

By wolfie773
My wife and I managed to predict what would happen in the movie based solely on the synopsis we read prior. The story is decent enough, but the pace of the movie is terribly slow, especially in the...

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Rated PG-13 | For thematic elements including some scary images, and sensuality