Parris Buckner

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Mark Wahlberg Pain & Gain
2013 Anthony Mackie Pain & Gain
2013 Peter Stormare Pain & Gain
2013 Ed Harris Pain & Gain
2013 Tony Shalhoub Pain & Gain
2003 Denzel Washington Out of Time
2003 Eva Mendes Out of Time
1991 Martin Balsam Cape Fear
1991 Joe Don Baker Cape Fear
1991 Robert De Niro Cape Fear
1991 Gregory Peck Cape Fear
1991 Illeana Douglas Cape Fear
1991 Jessica Lange Cape Fear
1991 Fred Dalton Thompson Cape Fear
1991 Juliette Lewis Cape Fear
1991 Nick Nolte Cape Fear
1991 Robert Mitchum Cape Fear
1987 Jerry Lewis Trading Hearts
1987 Raul Julia Trading Hearts
1987 Beverly D'Angelo Trading Hearts
1986 Howard Hesseman Flight of the Navigator
1986 Veronica Cartwright Flight of the Navigator
1986 Paul Reubens Flight of the Navigator
1986 Sarah Jessica Parker Flight of the Navigator
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