By SCBRoslyn
Written October 06, 2013
First, I'll qualify my "Outstanding!" title by saying, if you're really into actual history without embellishment, then you'll probably agree with my "Outstanding!" If you're not, then you might find it a little dry. I thought the cast was terrific, the story-telling was fantastic, and the camera work was very artistic. If you’re looking for the run-of-the-mill “Kennedy Assassination” tale, you’re in for a huge surprise. It takes a completely fresh look at this tragedy and often feels like you have been put INTO the story as it is happening. This is one that is absolutely worth your time!
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By michele51
Written October 09, 2013
Parkland was so interesting, powerful, sad & historic all at the same time! I loved Paul Giamatti as Abe Zapruder. Having lived thru that time as a young child in Dallas, I think the story of "other" people whose lives were changed forever that day, Abe Zapruder, Richard Oswald & the resident who tried to save the Presidents life were fascinating. The scenes were so true to reality although quite bloody at times. I definitely recommend this movie!
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Quo Vadis, Parkland?

By michaelwait
Written October 07, 2013
True to life docudrama of the ER management of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald immediately after their fatal injuries. Accurate gripping portrayal of the "old" Parkland trauma room 1, right down to the claustrophobic small box like room with heavy wooden doors and slate green tile walls and pale white x-ray boxes, small screen oscilloscopes. Homage to C.James Carrico MD, but not nearly enough about others who attended the president: Malcolm O Perry MD,, Robert McClelland MD, Ron Jones MD, G. Tom Shires MD, and the neurosurgeon whose infamous words "stop what you're doing, you're operating on a dead man", Kemp Clark MD. Good character deveopment of Abraham Zapruder, perhaps too much about Oswald's mother and brother. A gutsy, unflinching overall accurate account of the "fog of war" in the ED pandemonium that ensued following the assasination of a locally unpopular but nationally mesmerizing president.
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Just when you thought you knew the whole story ....

By michelbrotman
Written October 05, 2013
For those of us who lived through the gut-wrenching experience of losing our President by assassination, this movie was not only entertaining, riveting, etc., but also tells a story we should have thought about at the time. The trauma of watching the real news at that time made us insensitive to the people who actually were there in Dallas. This movie shows us the very real people and their reactions to Kennedy being shot in the back of his head. We all got to grieve and go on with our lives. These people were never the same, and this movie does a great job of explaining why. Don't worry about blood and gore. The movie handles that issue with sensitivity and caution. Just enough blood to allow you to feel the stress and shock. Very, very well done. Tom Hanks is truly a national treasure, and we're lucky to be alive to see his work as it happens!
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Worth seeing - could have been better

By mhurlery55
Written October 07, 2013
This is definitely worth seeing, especially for the harrowing scenes in the hospital, and on Air Force One (the frantic attempt to rip out the plane seats for the casket is especially memorable). I can understand the focus on the unsung characters - especially effective are the scenes involving Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the assassination, and FBI agent James Hosty. But there was too much emphasis on the Oswald family. Oswald's wacko mother and his burial - not interested in seeing. Who cares! The acting was terrific.
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