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PARKLAND weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances surrounding JFK's assassination.
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By michele51
Parkland was so interesting, powerful, sad & historic all at the same time! I loved Paul Giamatti as Abe Zapruder. Having lived thru that time as a young child in Dallas, I think the story of...


By SCBRoslyn
First, I'll qualify my "Outstanding!" title by saying, if you're really into actual history without embellishment, then you'll probably agree with my "Outstanding!" If you're not, then you might...

Quo Vadis, Parkland?

By michaelwait
True to life docudrama of the ER management of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald immediately after their fatal injuries. Accurate gripping portrayal of the "old" Parkland trauma room 1, right down to the...

Just when you thought you knew the whole story ....

By michelbrotman
For those of us who lived through the gut-wrenching experience of losing our President by assassination, this movie was not only entertaining, riveting, etc., but also tells a story we should have...

Worth seeing - could have been better

By mhurlery55
This is definitely worth seeing, especially for the harrowing scenes in the hospital, and on Air Force One (the frantic attempt to rip out the plane seats for the casket is especially memorable). I...


By frankiex13
My sixteen year old daughter and I went to see this and were riveted from beginning to end. We cried a little, and often felt as if the whole thing had just happened and we were witnesses. I thought...


By tnulady
If you want a first-hand account of what happened surrounding the death of JFK, then this movie is for you whether at the theater or on video....


By bloke53
Incredible movie. Historically accurate to the minutest detail, acting was spot on, heartwrenching if you liked the man. Would go see it over and over again...

Wide Cover, No Depth

By kimh482
Great recap of the assassination and shows an interesting angle from many viewpoints - from the Zapruder film to the FBI, secret service, the hospital, etc. It maybe tried to cover too many...

Hanks is a Propagandist

By chiliboots2000707
WHEN Tom Hanks became a full-fledged Disinformation Specialist is hard to pinpoint; the fact that he IS, exactly that, is incontrovertible. His Propaganda Campaigns now include the tired old tripe &...

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Rated PG-13 | For Seq. of ER Trauma Procedures, Language, Smoking Throughout and Some Violent Images
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Common Sense Media says JFK movie captures mood but omits a great deal; some blood.
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