Written January 26, 2013
We always love Jason Stratham, and his films. Love Jennifer Lopez, but, this part was beneath her acting talents. It did not make sense, she had street smarts, but, was dumb in so many other ways. She must learn to modulate your voice, it is too high pitched. I think the screenwriter could have written a better part for Jennifer, as she is so talented and beautiful. Patti Lupone's part was not very good, terrible acting, and again she has talent. May be something was lost in the editing? Over all we enjoyed the movie, it kept our interest, I recommend seeing it! BEBER
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By alexboies
Written January 27, 2013
Action packed but a little different from earlier Jason Stratham action flicks. Loved loved loved it! JLo was great. Wonderful timed quips. The time sped by, and I was sorry to see it end. Would love to see another JLo and Jason flix for sure.
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Liked it

Written February 04, 2013
I especially liked the movie. It wasn't an over the top story. I think Jason belongs in things like this with a classier touch. I never saw Jennifer Lopez before. I thought she was great and her beauty is a treat on the big screen. The action is good. There is also supporting roles that are well done. Especially the actress that has the role of Jennifer's mother. It was fun and exciting.
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By MovieMeister66
Written February 18, 2013
Though the movie dragged a bit I found the action scenes, humor, and story interesting. Plus Jennifer Lopez did a great job with her character. I say Go.
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good movie

By Kenilar45
Written January 31, 2013
the Violence is NOT good, and the guns are not good, So I feel there should be more gun control in Hollywood and I feel there should be more rules on the guns also.
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