By jarvisv777
Written May 25, 2017
I thought the movie was great. A little more violence than I like, but I thought the ending was great. He had a purpose and only wanted what was his.
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The movie was not bad, but not great either.

By gcorey77
Written July 01, 2016
The beginning and middle of the film were great, but the ending stunk. Statham as usual was great. His fighting skills are amazing. J-Lo was annoying. I could not stand her character. I would say wait for cable. Not worth the price of admission.
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Not bad for Jason movie

By dhanajeyan85
Written September 25, 2016
about this movie, i had many expectations and i wanted to see a action thriller, but to say action was quite less and movie did not meet my expectation, but i suggest still not a bad movie to watch!
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Nice action and some comedy!

By gilty7
Written October 23, 2016
Jason plays his usual tough guy and gives us lots of action along with revenge and payback that we all love!
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By michaelbraswell
Written February 23, 2017
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