By BreaBertFL
Written February 04, 2013
Action packed from beginning to end and even though I expected the action, I still jumped and gasped when some of the attacks happened. Loved the little bit of humor injected into it that ot some chuckles. I would see this again and probably will when it comes home on Pay Per View. It was good to see him play a faithful man to Claire too.
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By moviegoerregal17
Written January 28, 2013
Liked it. However, my favorite "Parker" of the year is Richard Parker from Life of Pi.
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By Sandibeachez
Written February 08, 2013
Excellent action movie ! Best movie ive seen Jason in & I have seen them all - must see!
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Worth watching!!

By Conan100
Written January 27, 2013
If you like action, Statham, or Jennifer Lopez, then this movie is for you. Action throughout!
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You've Seen One (Statham Movie), You've Seen Them All

By surfnsun1176
Written January 31, 2013
good action flick, but very simple premise. Jennifer Lopez' character was annoying (even though she's still not so bad to look at)
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