Paris, je t'aime!

By adelaide
Written April 30, 2007
I saw this movie in while i was in France. I loved it even though i could only understand parts of it. All the vignettes are well acted, directed, and edited although some are slightly difficult to understand. The movie hit a chord with me and i have been waiting for it to come out in the states so i can make my friends go. everyone should really see it, it has something from every genera, from vampires, to confused tourists. it wil make you laugh, cry and want to see it again. keep in mind though that it is an "indie" film from france so it dosent exactly have that hollywood blockbuster flare that is so common in the cinema.
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Excellent montage of Parisian life

By grantdustin
Written July 02, 2007
Having lived in France and scoured every corner of Paris, I felt the film provided an amazing perspective on the City of Light--As well as providing a deeper portrayal of it's darker side. A must see for Francophiles and travel enthusiasts.
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18 Unified Shorts

By JeffKelso
Written June 23, 2007
This is a very nice but quirky movie. Each of the 18 short films takes place in a different arrondissements (they miss two for some reason) of Paris and are all about love. Some seek love, some find love, others experience it in very different ways, there are close calls with love, and the end of love. The couples involved are of all ages, genders, persuassions, and even life-form (we are talking vampires here). Each mini-movie is about 5 minutes long. The directors' (each short is by a different director) task was to make a complete story in the very short time. Some did better then others but overall it was well worth it. This film is for people who can think on their own, expand upon concepts without "Dummie" guides. It helps if you are interested in French culture but knowledge of the language is not required.
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By ta2kitty
Written May 23, 2007
I enjoyed this movie (except for the vampire and mime stories.) Most of the stories were touching and the characters rich and vibrant. It left me wanting to know more about the characters and what happens to them. I definitely want to see this one again...
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Paris Je T'aime

By romero007
Written July 31, 2007
Varied, interesting and highly entertaining.
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