36 Faubourg

By goldquips
Written September 29, 2015
Great film. Just a delight. Well directed, acted and presented. a real old-fashioned movie musical but done with real artistry and sensitively. go see it.
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Paris 36

By gdelatorre
Written May 04, 2009
Is fine a little slow at the begining but the music and the sings are good..
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Paris 39

By patvail
Written September 29, 2015
Mais c'est formidable! What a charming picture for a semi-rainy weekend. Tho I don't believe I had seen any of the actors before, they were quite an ensemble. And the music was such fun - shades of Edith and all that wonderful 30s-40s-50s music we Americans think of as so typically French. Thanks to Regal for continuing to bring great movies to Jacksonville - almost despite ourselves!
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