Excellent family movie!

By schmotz
Written December 30, 2012
How can you go wrong with exceptional actors like Billy Crystal and Bette Midler? This was a terrific movie with good values and funny lines. We went with three generations and everyone enjoyed it...the youngest being 8. It even made my teenager laugh and that's virtually impossible when he's "forced" to do "lame" family activities. LOL. A GREAT movie! I would see it again.
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Parental Guidance

By MovingPicX13
Written January 05, 2013
I went to the movies to have a good time with fun and laugher. And, this movie hit the spot. A wonderful movie for all to see - especially, grandparents and young parents trying to be "perfect" parents. Go see it America, forget your troubles for a few hours.
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Good Show

By wdsexton
Written January 06, 2013
As a grandparent I really liked this show. It is a lot like my life. My chance to instill my lifelong beliefs into my GK's, which I think are important. Got to get those little slackers going!
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great family movie

By kfreeman61
Written December 27, 2012
It was a refreshing experience to sit in a theatre without hearing curse words or seeing racy scenes in what was called a family movie. This trully is a family movie. It is funny, entertaining, enjoyable movie. We sooo enjoyed it!
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Below Average Comedy

By christophermax69
Written January 02, 2013
As a comedy I will give this an "average" rating, but as a mild heartwarming story of a mother and a son reconnecting with one another on an authentic level, I would give it a "go" rating.
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