parental guidance

By babydkwgirl
Written January 19, 2013
I went to see this movie and I really enjoyed the fact there wasn't any foul language in it. It has a good storyline and the actors were really good. If you want a good laugh, go see it.
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Good Show

By wdsexton
Written July 31, 2014
As a grandparent I really liked this show. It is a lot like my life. My chance to instill my lifelong beliefs into my GK's, which I think are important. Got to get those little slackers going!
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Great Family Movie

By tbwexler
Written January 08, 2013
I am not a movie critic I just know what I enjoy watching. This movie has something for every member of the family. Its funny, sad and a story that we can all relate to.
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Decent family movie but quite predictable

By bpleung
Written September 03, 2014
Like: Family fare, no language/sex/violence, some funny spots, heartwarming, good stab at over-achieving families with psycho-babble child rearing practices! Nice message about marriage more important than kids. Good acting in general. Dislike: Somewhat predictable story and ending. Unrealistic (just a movie, I know) to show grandparents can fix a host of their grandchildren's life problems in just about 3 days-feel good but not likely in real life. This movie definitely fulfills its genre expectation, so if this is the type of move you enjoy, you'll likely love's well done.
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By maryapril
Written December 30, 2012
A truly endtertaining movie. Lets your emotions out. Tears, Laughter and not having to dredge that language would be an issue. It goes to show that movies can be entertaining without having to have sexual content and discusting language. A Good writer can get the message across to the viewer without being vulgar. Thank goodness the writers and producers of Parental Guidance did such a good job.
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