Perfect for the season

By rubios_us
Written December 27, 2012
This was a decent movie that made the whole family both laugh and cry. We expected a poor movie based on the ratings, but as usual, the ratings never do a movie justice.
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So glad that I ignored the critics

By Wkosekatl
Written January 01, 2013
I almost skipped this great film because of the earlier reviews. I am so glad I decided to give it a chance and went with my 9 year old. The movie was delightful and very entertaining. I wish Hollywood would make more flicks like this one!!
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Good family movie

By Pale9621
Written December 26, 2012
Good family movie for all ages. Billy and Bette both do a good job with their roles and while the story is semi-predicatable, it is still funny.
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Just ok

By ninahines
Written January 28, 2013
This movie was just ok. There were no moments that I really felt fully engaged with the movie. I also felt the need to explain to my kids what scenes were not okay for them to ever consider.
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Truly a family movie

By goldy1313
Written December 26, 2012
I saw this movie on Christmas day with my 7 year old boy. I like Billy Crystal and Marissa Tomei and to my surprise there were not that many family friendly movies out at this time. The movie was thoroughly enjoyable. There was a decent story line and in an age where gratuitous sex and things getting blown up are considered family friendly, this was a throwback family movie. There were story lines that Grandparents, Parents and kids could all relate to on different level. There was genuine laughter and genuine emotion. Some of it was predictable, but it didn't matter. The cast was able to pull it off regardless of the times you knew what was coming. I highly recommend this film to all ages. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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