Cute story line but the acting was atrocious

By kimmquilt
Written July 25, 2014
I've seen Billy Crystal, Bette Middler and Marissa Tomei in other movies before and had come away with the notion that they were pretty good actors. Maybe it was the story line or maybe they were catering more to an audience of chidren but it seemed like they were forcing every line. Very overdone or maybe it was just poor acting. Of course I didn't pick this movie thinking I would see Oscar performances but these were really disappointing. Like they all phoned it in. Definitely a wait til it comes out in DVD , Blue Ray or on Netflix. I did find some parts very funny and one part quite touching but again because the acting was overdone it was on the whole disappointing.
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Parental Guidance

By RocknGrandma
Written December 28, 2012
This was so good! Well worth the cost of the theater ticket. I could watch this over and over. I started laughing from the start. My husband even loved it. Well written, directed, and most of all the acting was superb. As a parent and grandparent, I could totally relate. WELL DONE!!!!!!!
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By cmdev
Written December 26, 2012
I love both Billy Crystal & Bette Midler, and was looking forward to an enjoyable & funny movie. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It wasn't nearly as funny as it should have been & became somewhat sappy also.
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Parental Guidance is the best family movie for the year

By 4myeyezonly
Written January 19, 2013
Very cute for the entire family to see. Everyone plays their roles to the fullest and keeps you smilng. The Farty, peeing and poop needs to be eliminated. It is gross but the children seem to like it. Please don't give them ideas that this is acceptable. Other than that, Thumbs up!
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Who's Parental Guidance?

By Another_movie_critic
Written January 09, 2013
Great family movie for all. Easy to identify with the characters. The plot is simple, but realistic. (I would love to have that house!) One set of grandparents is preferred over the others. When Bette Midler realizes it's not her, it becomes a great challenge. We all have our own way of raising children. but, who's way is right? This movie will make you laugh. It also made us (my brother and I) cry, but I won't give away the moment. I would definitely recommend it as a "Must Go!" In fact, I'm going to go see it again with the grand kids!
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