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Just Didn't Gel

By firefly_dex_fan
Written May 25, 2017
I went with my pre-teen son and his friend. We all went away thinking "eh, that was o.k.". I like the animation style and in general like "scary" themes. Unfortunately, the plot was weak, the characters were not sympathetic or even mildly interesting. The stereotypical "chubby kid who befriends the outcast" character did not provide the comic relief he was evidently there for; the bully was dull and flat, the sister the typical bratty high school "cool" girl who looks down on her brother...Norman could have been a really interesting character but they made him so lifeless that he didn't seem particularly sympathetic in the beginning or heroic in the end. The other comic relief was suppose to come from the "jock" brother--who weirdly and suddenly declares that he has a boyfriend at the end (not that I'm opposed to that--it just seemed awkwardly placed into the script). Just nothing there to truly laugh at, sympathize with or be entertained by. Dull as the grave.
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By kbg cineaste
Written June 26, 2016
PARANORMAN Was really wonderful. Very Funny, visually arresting and really gets under your skin. A strong second feature for this company after the game changing CORALINE. Many may feel this film is for older kids and they could be right given some of the humor and the decidedly dark world view, but the young kids in the theatre during my showing seemed to have a ball and be appropriately awestruck. IT feels as if it could've been created by the great Roald Dahl. DON'T MISS THIS FILM IN 3-D ON A BIG SCREEN! It is the best 3-d animation since UP and CORALINE! Superb!
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Way better than expected for kids movie

By pmaddock
Written July 28, 2016
Its not a masterpiece but its really a pretty good film with some interesting message content. I definitely didn't feel ripped off on this one. If your kid wants to go I think you'll be pleased.
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Just ok movie...

By wackyline75
Written May 28, 2017
Definitely not worth going to see on the big screen. And it really should be listed as PG-13. Overall, it was cute and my 7 yr old son enjoyed it very much.
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Could have been a good movie...

By Ehdge
Written August 18, 2012
I'll start by saying that it had some funny parts. Sadly the part that got the most laughs from the children in the theater, involved knocking a corpse's head into furniture and wrestling it around the room... BTW, the theater on opening night had less than 10% of the seats filled in an area where kids movies often sell out on opening weekend. There were a couple of examples of cursing and one of the main characters is gay, though they don't reveal that until the end of the movie. Be angry with me for mentioning that if you want, but regardless of your views on homosexuality, I don't think it belongs in a children's movie. After seeing the movie, I wish that we had not taken my daughter to see it. But there are some parts of the movie that were pretty funny, and some that were touching if very cliche. It could have been better without the adult language and a few over-the-top scenes.
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