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A fun movie with minor pacing issues

By ZipZip509
Written December 01, 2015
Really, the title says it all. This movie is a lot of fun. There's a great deal of tongue-in-cheek humor, and ultimately it has a worthwhile message - Don't be a bully. It's just not nice. Unfortunately, through much of the movie, it feels like it takes way to long to get anywhere. Certainly a movie worth seeing, but you probably won't feel too bad if you miss the big screen and end up watching it as a rental instead.
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By Orange Dad
Written February 06, 2016
Some bad language. A scene where the one boy was pausing his mothers exercise videos so that he could look at the butts of the ladies in the video, and at the end the one male character mentioned that he had a boyfriend. Thank you for allowing me to answer some questions that I felt my children were a little young to hear about. Great ride home from the movie. The movie seems like it has been done many times before. Animation was bad. A few parts made you laugh, that is including the children in the audience, but not enough to make it worth the money. Wait until it comes out on DVD or Netflix, and watch it before you let your kids.
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wow you people were once kids

By mecqunie
Written May 24, 2016
you people were once kids too you know well so are they i know this might be disturbing to some kids and yourself but its not to everyone including me so vie got to go see this movie its right up my ally
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Great movie for kids & adults

By cutie0615
Written May 26, 2016
Very interesting story & cute scary movie for son is 9 and while he said he was a little scared it was not a big deal at all. The story itself is interesting and the character Norman is definately loveable. Go See This Movie!!!!
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By seababy67
Written May 30, 2016
I took my 10-1/2 yr old son to see this movie on our last free weekday before school starts, and we both absolutely LOVED it! The animation was great, and the story was very cute and even age appropriate for young tweens up to adults. I have to assume the PG rating had to do with the scare tactics, which did work on my son for awhile. But he worked past the "zombies" in the film, and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I! I recommend this movie for sure!
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