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By menendezj
Written August 18, 2012
The movie was nice, unfortunately a lot of bad words but the worst part about it is the fact that in a kids movie you have to show and say and insinuate the gay parts. Kids should not have to face this things they are too young. The fact that at the end of the movie the boy says i am going to introduce you to my boyfriend come on its a kid movie. Why do kids specially when kids are so young you want to introduce this. It is not appropiate specially on a PG movie Come on!!
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Pretty profound for an animated movie

By KDS Colorado
Written February 19, 2017
ParaNorman was a nice surprise. It tackles some weighty subjects with some good advice in the format of a fun and entertaining feature that appeals to kids. I give it high marks for the whole family.
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Cute, scary for very small children but good introduction to to the genera.

By ekvegas
Written June 22, 2017
Cute, scary for small children but good introduction to to the genera. Conservative families may not be so keen with the "lifestyles" mentioned but not explored. Too bad I can't give something in between a so-so and go.
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Gross, unfunny, uninteresting

By tracyleann
Written February 22, 2017
This movie is GROSS! It was given a PG rating for "some rude humor"? Should be PG-13 for "totally and completely inappropriate for children"! In one scene the "W" on a sign over a hot dog restaurant called "Witchy Weiners" is burned out, so it says "Itchy Weiners". Really? Did we have to go there? Writers, can you not be creative anymore without being disgusting? And of course, no kids' movie would be complete without the horny little fat kid and the gay jock characters! Aside from the inappropriate humor, the writing is subpar, and the jokes fall flat. I actually felt embarrassed for the writers because hardly anyone in the theater laughed. Visually, the movie is just okay, and certainly not good enough to make up for all the negatives. This movie made me angry. What a waste of time and money!!!
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This was not a PG movie.

By elegy746
Written August 20, 2012
PROS: The animation was top-notch with its detailed colors, movement, layering, expression, and sound. The use of asymmetry in the characters' form was a great touch that adds to the imperfection of sci-fi/fantasy. CONS: First line Norman says when asked by his mother what he was watching, "Sex and violence." The teenage sister (Courtney) with a half-shirt and belly button piercing and overtly sexual behavior. The "witch" that turns out to be a child who was hanged for witchcraft and only wants to be with her mommy, but is then called a bully by Norman. The revelation of Mitch about his boyfriend was not done in poor taste, but perhaps more appropriate for a PG-13 flick.
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