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Its Good !

Written July 04, 2015
An entertaining movie to see with your kids ages 5-12 years old age. Has some scary parts with witch and zombie characters but not too intense. All things considered worth the time to see.
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Not Coraline, But Not Terrible.

By WatchItandReviewIt
Written February 09, 2016
This is in no way going to do as well as Coraline, that much I can tell already. I actually really wanted to see this because I'm a bit of a zombie dork. The first half is slow, long, and a bit unnecessary. The part when you get to the true identity of the witch and you find out why Norman has to be "The One", that is when the movie gets really good. There is an important lesson in the movie which is why I liked it. I will say, there may be a few things in the movie that will scare young kids, despite the PG rating. Overall, So-So BUT WORTH SEEING.
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Be prepared

By fulo30
Written January 27, 2015
My family and I went to see this movie; wife and the two little ones ages 7 and 5. I was bit disappointed; however, not a bad movie just fell far short of my expectation. The movie was not targeted for 10 years old and under. Several of the subjects or contents of the movie had a tendency to wonder a little more ino the dark side for the kids. Several of the humor came quickly so be prepared!!! Seem it was targeted for an older crowd; for example, when the “ teenage girl asks teenage boy to be his girlfriend, only to be decline to saying he has boyfriend already that he’s been dating:”
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ParaNorman-Cute but too many adult references

By familymoviewatcherzzz
Written March 04, 2015
loved story, and actually cried a bit at the end when they were talking about forgiving the people who hurt her. good lessons about friendship, not judging, and forgiveness being good for yourself to move on. Liked animation and the characters had great personalities. What I did not like, was all of the adult referencing. I took my 10 year old son and 2 of his friends and certain parts made all of us very uncomfortable. Some are: When Normans friend was watching his moms exercise video and had the screen paused on a close up of a womans behind (very inappropriate!), In town there was and adult book store, a restaurant called itchy weiners, and a place called something Trim which could have been a massage parlor. also the friends older brother saying something about his boyfriend at the end. Nothing against being gay,but I have not had any sex talk with my son yet, about heterosexual or homosexual. Not the time I wanted to be questioned by him and friends! Not expected in a kid movie
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Very disapointed

By amygpioneer
Written July 04, 2015
I took my two boys 8 and 5 to see paranorman today and was so disapointed by the ADULT humor they used. This was rated pg and should have been pg-13. I was so upset that they used comments like adult movie stores and sex, but the worst for me was at the very end to hear the one guy who is supposed to be a teen tell the girl she'd really love his boyfriend. Seriously I'm not judging how people want to live there live's but I than had to explain to my 8 and 5 yearold after being asked what he means by his boyfriend. I was disapointed and wouldnt recomend this movie to any parents with kids under atleast 12.,
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