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By fredrockvatroy
Written August 18, 2012
This movie sucked in all departments from laugh to acting. What a total WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. My 10 year old niece can put together better story lines than this. I cannot say this loud enough WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By IWantMyMoneysWorth
Written September 18, 2014
Witless plot, dialogue, and characters had the quality, charm, and entertainment value of an annoying saturday morning cartoon. The last five minutes were redeeming and had value, but not enough to make up for the 95% you have to suffer through to fi-nal-ly get there.
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Uninspired ParaNorman

By ProfW
Written August 18, 2012
A visually satisfying movie should not have a script that consists of a string of cliches. Alas, "ParaNorman" is too scary for kids and too tiresome for grownups. The enthusiastic reviews puzzle me. I can't recommend this film.
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Funny movie, but not for children under age 15.

By dzw_36041
Written December 26, 2014
Not for children under 15. Has several choice words, references to sex and homosexuality. The movie would frighten young kids and leave most under 15 with questions or awkward comments. It is a funny movie for older teens and adults.
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By Full Moon
Written August 19, 2012
The trailers on this are somewhat misleading. While it has some very comical excerpts and had the kids laughing, there are some dark corners that might not be appropriate for smaller children. Halfway through, I found myself debating whether or not to stay....I had taken friends of my grandson so was very concerned about the content and the affect it might have on the children. There are some good themes in this movie and the message was not completely lost, but it is not exactly age appropriate for elementary children and I think it lacks the interest from the middle school children that it might be aimed at or are more mature to understand.
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