Loved ParaNorman

Written September 28, 2016
If you appreciate good ole fashion stop motion animation, then this is the movie for you. Great characters, story and art direction.
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Funny had a moral

By nana220119
Written June 30, 2016
Good Halloween Movie for the Family took granddaughters ages 11, 8, and 7. They loved it! So did I. 3d was excellent.
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This movie is a must see!

By HayaMika
Written August 31, 2016
I saw this movie a while ago but I never wrote my own review for it. I absolutely adored this movie. It was really funny at some parts and then other parts had me on the edge of my seat ready to know what was about to happen next. Some parts in the movie were a little inappropriate for the rating the movie was given, so I will have to agree with some people on that. The "Dont Bully" message was there but it wasn't shoved in your face. I personally loved this movie, being a girl who has been constantly bullied in school. I would highly suggest people see this, whether or not you see it in theaters or when it comes out on DVD this month!
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Fantastic Story and Mind-Blowing Animation

By supermancourt
Written August 29, 2016
I wouldn't call this a children's movie, although they probably would enjoy it. If you're any type of fan of stop-motion animation, this is a must go. The details in characters and sets were amazing. The effects were incredible. Laika Studios has truly brought this traditional art form to a new level while honoring it's roots.
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A great family movie

By daddy2440
Written August 19, 2012
A few good lessons to be learned from this movie. A discussion creater for families.
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