I Really Enjoyed This Movie

By mcmc52
Written August 19, 2012
As a fan of the Zombie genre, I thought the jokes were hilarious and the writing was right on the mark. It seems a little dark and intense for little kids (under 11). I saw it in 3D and it was spot-on animation. I'd like to see it again because there were lots of cool little tidbits that went by that I think deserve a second look.
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It doesn't leave an impression.

By HoodCritic1
Written March 30, 2017
Other than be completely misrated by the MPAA, this is a movie that doesn't exactly leave a lasting impact on audiences. I found the characters completely shallow and underdeveloped, in a story that had all of the potential to be great but I just felt it fell by the waste side. It is a nice little tale about how being different doesn't have to be a bad thing and all but I feel confident that parents will not be fond of the use of language and inappropriate material in this movie as they watch it with their children. I also found the film's animation was a tad sloppy. I wanted to like it because of the influence of "Coraline," but it just dragged on until they had to hurry up and end it. It was abnormal.
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Exceptional Animation and a Whole Lot of Fun

By Niki_PDX
Written June 30, 2016
This movie may be animated but for this adult with no kids it was a whole heck of a lot of fun to watch. The animation was exceptional with its blend of stop motion and computer graphics providing a look and feel that was truly engaging. The story line had just the right amount of suspense and humor geared for the adult to be entertaining for everyone. Laika Studios truly out did themselves and when you think that each animator was responsible for 6 seconds of footage a week (I saw this in an interview with their Animation Supervisor - Brad Schiff) you really have a great appreciation of what it took to make this feature film. GO SEE IT! And see it in 3D if you can! It is totally worth it.
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Pretty good

By VampireVixen
Written February 12, 2016
Overall this was a pretty good movie. The only thing is, if you are taking small children, I believe this movie should have been rated PG13. (Mine are 4, 6, and 9.) In the first 5 minutes the dad asks the kid what he is watching on tv and the child replies, "sex and violence." It was a little creepy at times, but if you are taking a kid to see a zombie movie, you should expect that. There are various other parts in the movie that where geared more towards an older age group.
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Fun and Funny Without Being "Tim Burton-Like" Macabre.

By Al P
Written January 30, 2015
Silly fun and funny stuff to most older kids who, playing today's video games, won't find it the least bit frightening. Unlike some of the more over-the-top adult horror animation that kids are sometimes unintentionally exposed to, ParaNorman's ghouls actually come away funny and lovable. This kind of reminded me of the ‘Scooby Do’ cartoon ghost stories from the 1970s, the kind that won't give your kid nightmares. You might want to use judgment with the younger kids because there are a couple of scenes that might be frightening and/or startling to them. Otherwise, it's worth every dime of its ticket price, especially if you can see the non-3D version (3D adds nothing to this film). See it. You won't be disappointed.
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