Should be PG-13 for sex jokes and implied language.

By siberone
Written December 01, 2014
I took my 10-yr old to see this and I thought I would be safe not checking it out prior since it was PG. I am surprised the ratings board didn't make them cut out some of the dialog. Another boy makes a comment he'd rather be in the adult book store across the street at one point, Norman claims to be watching "sex and violence" on tv, a boy grabbing norman's sister butt, Norman's grandmother calls her son "jackass" and Norman's uncle asks him to promise something the adult goes "Now swear" and Norman goes "You mean say the "F" word". You get the idea. This is cheap teen humor and belongs in a PG-13.
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Good Movie

By pipebomb
Written August 26, 2012
The movie seems a bit scary for kids younger than 9, so please take that in mind. Overall, it was great, and the storyline was fantastic.
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I enjoyed it...

By Musicbrat
Written September 23, 2014
I took my family and we all enjoyed it. We watched in 3D, I would have liked to see more 3D graphics but overall it was really cute. I like the humor and the characters were great.
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Paranorman 3D

By lvwitch
Written July 30, 2014
3D effects were lousy. Movie line was a bit mature for kids. All in all - this movie was NOT worth the $70 I paid for tickets to see it.
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Really funny

By Rican0901
Written August 27, 2012
I took my boys 4 and 11 and went in with the idea it would be like other kid movies with a couple laughs and just ok. But I was pleasantly surprise to find out it was laugh out loud funny. Like there were many occasions I caught myself Laughing out loud and couldn't believe they could do that in a kid movie. It's a Must See Movie.
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