Good story

By C.catherinegoldman
Written April 27, 2015
I thought it was great. It had a worthy message and was cute. While it was scary at first, it helped dispel any fears with a brave little boy. I'm 60 and I brought my ten year old granddaughter. We both loved it.
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By madisun1
Written November 27, 2014
I'm 56 years young and I really liked Paranorman. I took my eleven year old grandson and his eight year old cousin and they both really enjoyed Paranorman. It's for kids, aduits, any age. THE WAY ALOT OF ADULTS ARE NOWADAYS, adults should go see it.
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I liked it

By paulhead
Written May 25, 2015
My kids did too. Might be a lil too zombieish for babies but it was a cool story that kept this grown-up and his kids entertained.
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By butsnufer
Written May 24, 2015
This was a cute movie and still taught you a lesson. Even though Norman may have been a little different, he was still a good guy! Even though a lot of his peers (and some adults) treated him mean at times, he was still nice to them.
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Was not overly impressed

By Gunshot45
Written May 07, 2015
Not what I expected. Took my 14 year old daughter. Movie had some funny parts, but the story line got very heavy towards the end of the movie. Well over the heads of the 7 - 9 year old crowd that was at the movie. Zombies were more funny than scary, which was good, considering the audience. 3D effects were pretty boring, in fact, the preview for Despicable Me Part II were better. Okay movie, but with the deep philosophical/metaphysical storyline and the lacking 3D effects, I'd highly recommend waiting for the DVD.
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