Much different type of movie that I normally attend, but grandsons spent the day at the movies.

By FlashScreen
Written August 22, 2012
This movie diffently, was much more than any movie experience that I have ever attend in my 60 odd yers of attending the theaters. But, it gave a different me a much brighter insight of future movies to come and enjoy with the younger generation of the years ahead.
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By fjc1228
Written June 30, 2016
This stop action movie is pure perfection. From start to finish I was in total AWE at how perfectly this film was made. Yes, there were scenes that were a little too scary for a children's movie but I believe this movie was made for all age groups(not just children). I must say I will be making a second trip to the movie theaters to experience this amazing stop action movie once again.
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A bit scary for little ones

By familyfriday
Written September 08, 2012
ParaNorman was much better than I expected. I liked the focus of overcoming fear, fear of the other, fear of the different. My 12 yr old and her friend were pretty scared. The younger children in the theater seemed to find it a bit overwhelming. My 14 yr old enjoyed it.
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ParaNorman 3D is a great movie for the whole family

By PrettyPam42
Written July 01, 2016
I love, love, loved this movie. Not too scary for all but the youngest set and brings out the point that not everyone is the same and that is a good thing. It was nice that two outcasts became friends and the older sister did acknowledge her younger brother had some good qualities.
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Funny and entertaining

By SeaWhy
Written March 23, 2017
Hubby and 7 yo son went - they liked it and said it had some funny parts. Not too scary. Good story line. The 3D didn't really enhance the movie with parts coming out so save your money.
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